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Who we are

We’re a full-cycle web and mobile application development company.

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We create solutions with digital trends that solve your business pain.

App Development

We build native and Hybrid apps for iOS and Android operating systems using platform-specific programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin. see more...

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Web Development

We create responsive web applications and sites leveraging the most robust technologies in the industry to help you boost your business see more...

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Digital Marketing

CodeGenIT have a expert team of SEO, Google Adwords(PPC), Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing. see more...

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UI/UX Design

A Responsive website is not just a trend but a necessity now. CodeGenIT helps you to create web pages that are readily available and viewed on different screen sizes of various devices. see more...

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How we do

Think what makes your product unique, which customers’ problems it resolves.

Analysis and Planning

The planning phase ensures you’re starting off on the right foot. So try to make sure you include all of the departments that are going to be impacted by this project, including project managers, developers, operations, security, and key stakeholders. see more...


The next step is to understand the technical requirements of this project. Every piece of software—whether it’s an app, website redesign, or new feature—needs to solve a customer problem see more...

Design and Prototyping

With the requirements in place, it’s time to start designing what this software will look like and how it will function. We’re not talking about aesthetics here, but functionality and flow. see more...


With everyone onboard with the software’s proposed functionality and design, it’s time to build it according to the requirements and SOW. This phase is obviously the hardest and potentially riskiest stage of the SDLC (and each of the software development processes we’ll discuss below handle it differently.) However, whether you’re working in Agile sprints, building out an MVP, or using the more traditional waterfall method, the goal here is to stick to the SOW, avoid scope creep, and build clean, efficient software. see more...


However, once the features are complete and the product is deemed ready to go, you’ll need to do another round of more in-depth testing. This could mean releasing the product to a small group of beta testers or using UX tools to track how users interact with it. see more...


With the heavy lifting (and coding) out of the way, it’s time to launch your software to all of your users. What we’re talking about here is pushing your code into production. Not coming up with and implementing a go-to-market strategy (that’s more up to your sales and marketing teams) see more...

Maintenance and Updates

Requirements and customer needs are always evolving. And as people begin to use your software, they’ll undoubtedly find bugs, request new features, and ask for more or different functionality. (Not to mention the basic upkeep and maintenance of your software to ensure uptime and customer satisfaction.) see more...

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